Multimodal Chemical Imaging

The pathological mechanisms underlying Alzheimer’s disease remain largely unresolved. A seminal pathological feature in AD and other neurodegenerative disorders is the progressive accumulation and aggregation of misfolded proteins into intra and extracellular deposits.

In our group we develop and advance molecular imaging techniques based on both mass spectrometry and fluorescent molecular probes for probing chemical plaque pathology in brain tissue and cell models. The major goal is to use these techniques for delineating molecular mechanisms of abnormal protein oligomerization and aggregation underlying Alzheimer’s disease pathology. 

A further aim is to identify new molecular targets associated with plaque pathology in situ and how these changes are reflected in the proximity i.e. cerebrospinal fluid. Here, the goal is to identify new, more sensitive and specific biomarkers for reflecting neuropathology of AD and other brain disorders in CSF and allow more accurate disease diagnosis and prognosis.


Frances Edwards, University College London

Ron Heeren, M4I, Maastricht University
Carsten Hopf, Mannheim University
Per Hammarström and Peter Nilsson, Linköping University
Stina Syvänen, Dag Sehlin and Martin Ingelsson, Uppsala Univ.
Henrik Zetterberg, GUKaj Blennow, GU
Michael Schöll, GU
Emma Sparr, Lund University
Sara Linse, Lund University